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A Sensual Massage given the South American Way!


Andy has had a lifelong passion for giving massage. He has a rare touch that glides effortlessly from firm deep muscle work to light butterfly touch.

It must be something about his South American nature that makes Andy so comfortable about his body and sexuality and so he has no desire to label himself with any particular gender preference.

Andy says, “when it comes to giving intimate arousing touch no matter whom I am giving to I feel it is an honor to be able to take another person on this fabulous deeply erotic journey”.

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     say-no-2-shaved-pits say-no-to-shaved-pubes!


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Massage Parlour

Here’s an exciting story about a guy’s first male to male massage

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Wyatt is a Hot Massage Model on

ca_530_wyatt_074Wyatt | 28 | 6’1″ | 165# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight and Sexploring


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Ellis is a Hot Massage Model on

Ellis Collage 2

Ellis | 27 | 6’0″ | 200# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

Ellis is back, and I’m thinkin’ that his name should be “Fred” due to his dancing toes.
Wait till ya see his cumshot! Holy shitballs! I think Ellis has taken the record from Sesso!
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Amateur Teasing, Edging and Cum Control 

Gay and Straight Young Men Restrained and Teased Without Mercy

Tormented with Pleasure and Frustration   Yearning for Release

They Cum When We Say They Cum


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Kenneth Milked Like a Cow

See hot Kenneth’s humiliation as he gets milked – see below


I had 22 year old Kenneth restrained on his hands and knees in an uncomfortable and degrading position, and slowly milked him like a cow.  He moaned and gasped and deposited a nice big load directly into my collection plate.

kenneth_milked-103 kenneth_milked-107 kenneth_milked-108 kenneth_milked-110 kenneth_milked-111 kenneth_milked-112 kenneth_milked-114 kenneth_milked-118 kenneth_milked-119 kenneth_milked-120

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Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Where Eroticism Reigns Supreme!




Hardened criminals are totally humiliated by the ritual of strip searches. It is heartless cruel punishment and richly deserved as these men have no choice but submit to invasive and degrading naked inspections. Ill treatment at the hands of thoughtless sadistic guards and all captured on video for your entertainment.

You need have no sympathy as you watch video after video of unrelenting humiliation. These men knew that their punishment would be harsh but probably didn’t realise total nudity would be mandatory. They gave up their rights the moment they broke the law, don’t you think?

preview (4)

preview (2)

The nudity begins the moment you are remanded into custody

The screws waste no time making sure you know who is boss. You must strip completely naked and your clothes are confiscated. Right away you are subjected to a full & thorough strip search. Every crack, crevice and hole is inspected for anything suspicious. You think they check out the size of your cock, the weight of your balls, how gaping your shithole is?

Of course they fucking do! Thoroughly humiliating the men that pass through their fingers is a perk of the job for the wardens. They’ll keep you standing their shivering, wondering what’s coming next, have you jump up and down on the spot, your penis and testicles flap about stupidly so all the wardens can laugh at you. Bend over and pull your arse cheeks apart. Wider! This is your life from now on.


preview (3)

preview (5)


Every stitch of clothing ripped off reluctant hard men

Oh you don’t want to strip naked? I’m sorry but a totally naked search is compulsory! The hardest crims get it into their skulls that they have a choice. A fist in the stomach soon sorts that out as 3 or 4 nasty wardens restrain the thug and rip the clothes off him. Naked lads feel the cold concrete floor against their cock and balls, a hard knee in the base of the back whilst their trousers and pants are yanked down and off.

Their cock and balls fly around in the cold air during the tussle, bum hole exposed as buttocks are pulled aside. Perhaps it would’ve been better to do as you’re told after all!


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