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I am Mr. ER, official blogger for the Gay Massage Videos Blog.  This blog is a companion to our main website, Gay Massage Videos.

This blog started back in 2009, when more emphasis was on male massage, and men who enjoy watching other men getting massaged, and/or receiving gay male massage.  Since then, this blog has added more erotica, such as x-rated user submitted videos from sites such as Xtube.com, and lots of interest in men’s underwear fetishes have flourished here, and in response we provide photos of hot men in their underwear (usually white briefs), and also user submitted videos.

It should be noted that this blog is open to any man (over the age of 18) who is interested in what we have to offer.  My guess is 50% of the men who regularly visit here do not classify themselves as gay or bi-sexual, but enjoy male massage and some of the other offerings to be had here.

Prior to 2009, I was a member of Gay Massage Videos starting in 2006, and in August 2018, I will celebrate my 12th anniversary being a contributor and ultimately blogger of this blog.

A big thank you goes out to my Editor in Chief, Nino, for his support and patience with me (at times).  It is deeply appreciated.

Hope you all enjoy this blog, and its new format.

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  1. Joe

    Hey Ed,

    Thanks for linking your Blog to the http://MassageClub.org web site. We have many members who joined Gay Massage Videos. They speak very highly of your site and the massage videos are top notch!

    Keep up the good work!!!


  2. ergmv (Post author)

    It is a pleasure and privilege to promote the Massage Club on my site. Your comments are deeply appreciated and welcome at any time.

  3. James


    Hope 2019 is off to a fun and sexy start!

    I noticed that one of my pictures is on the blog’s home page. It’s the second one down (guy in white tank top). Honestly, I’m flattered! Would it be possible for you to add a small caption linking to my twitter account?

    Thank you!


    1. ergmv (Post author)

      Hi James – glad you liked your photo. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it. If you can find it again, simply do a right click to copy the pic and then click it on an open page and it should copy. Thanks for your comments – they are always appreciated. Let’s keep in touch.

      Mr. ER

      1. James

        Hello Mr. ER, and thank you for the quick reply! Silly me, it’s an older post than I realized, so I doubt many people will stumble upon it at this point. But here it is – http://blog.old.gaymassagevideos.com/?p=8376.

        Thank you!


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