Celebrate the 10th Anniversary (2006 – 2016) of the Gay Massage Videos Blog – Friday, August 19, 2016



It’s the 10th Anniversary of

The Gay Massage Videos Blog

August 2006 – August 2016


Where did the past ten years go?  

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been

doing this Blog now for 10 years!

Back in 2006, I joined Gay Massage Videos and almost immediately, was sending in comments about each week’s new video.  A few weeks later I was approached by Nino, CEO of GMVs, who asked me to write reviews of each week’s new Massage, and other commentary deemed appropriate.  I agreed to do it, and I’m still at it!

Things have changed over the past ten years.  Gay Massage Videos is on hiatus, but hope it will be back.  A few new producers of massage videos have emerged, and most of them are affiliates of this Blog.  One of our strongest affiliates is Colin over at Sensual Massage Videos.  He produces outstanding new videos every two weeks, and if you haven’t seen his very erotic and sensual videos, check them out now.

CLICK HERE to pay a visit to Colin and his talented massage staff at Sensual Massage Videos, to see what I’m talking about!

Over the years this blog has grown and is offering links to free videos featuring hot men having male sex, underwear fetishes, hotel sex, and lots more erotic fun to brighten your day!

A special shout out goes to Bill of The Guy Site, Greg of New York Straight Men and Rich of Slow Teasing Hand Jobs for your comraderie and support of this Blog and other projects I work with you guys on.  Also, one more shout out goes to Wilson, Masseur Extraordinaire on Gay Massage Videos.  I certainly hope you are doing well, and that you, I and Nino will get together one of these days to catch up.

Thanks to you all, and to everyone visiting this Blog.  I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to another ten years of the Gay Massage Videos Blog!

Mr. ER

Super Hot XXX-Rated Male Videos

August 19, 2016

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Slow Wank Watching Other X-Tubers

Porns Lemma

Poppers Endurance Test – Level 2

Facial on Beard

Chortling Fox – Eating Cum

Morning Boxer Nut Pull and Boner Jerk

Hungry Again

Cum Shot in Bleu Swimsuit

Hot Guy Wank in front of a Stranger in Frankfurt

Thick Load

Breeding a Hot Jocked Stud

Outdoor Cum Shot during Soccer Game

Jacking Off in Stafford Briefs

Facials on Beards – Slide Show

Poppers & Cum

Me Cumming with the Magic Wand

Hidden Hotel Hand Job

Tony’s First Massage

Tony’s Erotic Massage 2

My New White Speedo from Fan

Flesh Prince of Bel Air

Hot Facial

Posing in Vintage Hanes Briefs

Hot Cum Shot in the Office Kitchen

Sucking a Fat Uncut College Cock

White Socks for Francisco

Aussie Bum Speedo

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Birthday Bate with a Bud

Hairy Muscle Jock Plays with his Cock Watching Porn

Playing in my Boxer Briefs

Chortling Fox – Jerking Off and Cumming in Public Sauna

Getting a Huge Facial

Cum Flow Prostate Massage

Prostate Milking

Solo Session with Toys and Poppers

Hot Christmas Morning Wank in the Bathroom

Cum Shot on Black Adidas

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August 19, 2016

Being vocal can be a good thing!

A professional masseur never completely knows what a client wants to experience during an erotic massage or how they are going to react.  Some men lay passively, some men whimper and some men moan. Some love intimate caring touch, some like to be dominated, some love anal exploration.

In this SMM movie, Pedro is an anal man and moaner. Following a preparation shower, Pedro lies on the massage table and the massage begins with slow intimate touch to stimulate and relax his body.

It does not take long for Pedro to begin to show his enjoyment as his fingers start to explore the masseur back. In return the masseur follows his intuition and gets Pedro up onto his knees for some extensive prostate massage which Pedro clearly enjoys.

But it is when Pedro turns over and is brought expertly to orgasm that we can really hear his moans of pleasure.

Contentextensive ejaculation, reciprocal touch, anal massage, close-up genital massage, sound during orgasm.

CLICK HERE to see a Free Preview Video & How to Join


Alex's Intimate Touch - July 2016

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     say-no-2-shaved-pits say-no-to-shaved-pubes!


    say-no-2-shaved-pits say-no-to-shaved-pubes!


Gay Underwear Sex



Summer 2016

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Tighty Whities Wedgie Dare

Letting it Shoot Inside my White Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Briefs

Just a Wank

Cumming on Wife Beater wearing Stafford Briefs

3 Day Load

Stroking my Hard Cock through my Tighty Whities

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Wanking in Mesh Y Fronts

Ripped Brief Fuck

Watching Porn & Masturbating in White Briefs

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White Briefs Play Time

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J/O in White OTC Socks & Briefs

Rubbing One Out

Wanking my Thick Dick in Jockeys

Creaming my White Briefs in Front of Mirror

Fleshlight Wank

More White Briefs Request

Brief Jacking

Cum in White Briefs

Straight Buddy in White Briefs – Stroking His Hairy Dick

J/O in the Hatch of my Car

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Muscle Guy Busting another Nut in Stafford Briefs

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A Quick White Briefs Video

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After a Long, Horny Day at Work

Love my Briefs

Dude Dropping Shorts and Rubbing White Briefs and Cock

Having a Little Fun

Mid-Day Maintenance Jack

Shooting and Wanking in Briefs

College Little Bear Cum with Briefs

Jerking in my Hanes Briefs in a Hotel Bathroom

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My Briefs and My Buddy’s

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Jacking Off to Some Videos

1st Vid

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No actual sex scenes or full nudity, but worth looking at!



Sneaking in my Neighbor’s Pool in White Briefs

Returning Underwear with Shit Prank

Casanova Muscle Oils Up and Seductively Flexing Ripped Body

Posing in Hanes White Briefs

Tighty Whitey Dance Club

Friday Morning Tighty Whities

Stocks and Balls

Underwear Dance Essentials

Generation Me Sneak Peak, Grandma Says F-Word Scene, Danny “D-Train” Trevino Austin Texas

Super Hot Body

2013 Quebec Cup Sunday Season End Hombres Jump

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