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Shooting off a weeks worth of cum

Jacking off – old FTL white briefs

Prostate massage with cumshot

Homemade love

In my Jockeys

Dr Peeemeee & Panadue: penis massage

Aneros Cumming

Request: another quick white briefs vid

Horny before bed< Jerk off in briefs on briefs

Favorite Massage Technique

Big Load – Cum on Me

My friends masturbate me

Squirting on My Chest

Cumming in Y-Front Jockey Briefs, White T-Shirt Tucked

Just me having some solo fun

Anal Fingering for Prostate Stimulation and Cumshot

de 4 no motel

Athletic Bi Dude Shoots On His Chest While Standing

Jerk off in aussiebum speedos

Dariy Cow Milking Machine Makes Me Cummmm

JP Breeds my Ass

Swim Brief Cum

A quick but hard one!!

Jerk-off on my sofa

Coworker cum for me

Fucked by Dom Latin in Atlanta Hotel HARD!

Dr. Peeemeee and Giogio, masturbation during enema

Big Mexican dick in shorts showing off his heavy load

Just goofing around

Breitling Jock Jerk and Cum on Chest

Cruise Ship Fuck

Boxer fly hole cum

Cum on speedos, a popper fuelled jerk-off

Wank in front of the Mirror

Best blowjob of his life

masturbating my dick

Handsfree cumming from prostate massage


My point of view pre-cum and cum in Y-Front Jockey Brief

so horny i humped a pillow in my jockeys

Great Sperm

Handsfree cum in roomies FTL briefs

Dr. Peeemeee and Giogio, anal-balls, dildo and cumshot

Jockey Nylon JO-as requested

First Time

Standard Medical plus E-Stim

Dr Peeemeee and Panadue, cumcontrol & milking

Intense Prostate Orgasm – Sperm Fountain

Rubbing another one out

POV Daddy Masturbating In His Hanes Tighty Whities

Jerking in the shower this morning

first time face on vid

Dr. Peeemeee and Panadue, masturbation and ejaculation

Jerking on Arena

Sister’s boyfriend works my dick

Public Bathroom Jerk Off

Best Massage [Goliath Dave]

Fingering my prostate and cumshot

Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Amateur Teasing, Edging and Cum Control 

Gay and Straight Young Men Restrained and Teased Without Mercy

Tormented with Pleasure and Frustration   Yearning for Release

They Cum When We Say They Cum


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Kenneth Milked Like a Cow

See hot Kenneth’s humiliation as he gets milked – see below


I had 22 year old Kenneth restrained on his hands and knees in an uncomfortable and degrading position, and slowly milked him like a cow.  He moaned and gasped and deposited a nice big load directly into my collection plate.

kenneth_milked-103 kenneth_milked-107 kenneth_milked-108 kenneth_milked-110 kenneth_milked-111 kenneth_milked-112 kenneth_milked-114 kenneth_milked-118 kenneth_milked-119 kenneth_milked-120

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