Talented Masseur Rab is back at Sensual Massage Movies in London – Friday, Oct 2, 2015



Added on September 25, 2015

Latest Movie “Rab’s Return” Now Live!

Rab's Return 1

A ‘full on’ full body contact Sensual Massage


We would like to welcome back the return of ‘Rab’ to Sensual Massage Movies for another Senual Massage Show. Rab has been giving Sensual Massage for over 7 years now and is an expert at taking the receiver to the edge of sensual bliss.

Watch how Rab incorporates a full body on body massage into his technique making sure that nothing is missed. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!

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Sensual Massage Movies 

Men giving Sensual Massage to Men


Sensual Massage Movies, is as far as we know, the only website dedicated to creating men only movies showing genuine masseurs and ordinary people giving one another full body sensual and erotic massage. Giving a friend, partner or even a handsome stranger a sensual massage, can be a most rewarding and fulfilling experience for both the giver and receiver. By viewing these movies, we hope members will find that their lovemaking and foreplay are enhanced and enjoyed even more.

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