Mike Houston returns to Jock Physical - Tuesday thru Thursday - September 18-20, 2012


Jock Physical Welcomes back a returning Patient


Age - 26
Height - 6' 00"
Weight -185
Waist - 34"
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown
Hung - 7"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports - Football, Basketball, Baseball


Urinary Issues
Here’s what the Doctor had to say about Mike -

“…Mike Houston visits the office as he is experiencing some discomfort when he urinates. Mike stated at the onset that he has not had any unprotected sex. Regardless, I plan to give him in an in-depth reproductive and excretory system inspection to look for causes of his discomfort. I had him strip down to his boxers and then lay down onto the exam table.

Clad only in his boxers, I begin his examination. For a 26 year old male, he does have a remarkable lack of upper body hair. After some initial work on his body utilizing the stethoscope, I have him remove his boxers to allow me to continue the examination.

Also what is most remarkable is the size of his scrotum and each individual testis. They are fairly substantial in size. I direct my attention to his genitals as I first examine his flaccid penis. I check initially for any obvious lesions or inflammation in the urethra.

Detecting nothing out of the ordinary, I continue and latch onto and cradle his massive scrotum. It is during the examination of his scrotum that I detect a bit of subtle awakening as Mike's penis begins to stir. I flame that that arousal by allowing my other hand to once again examine his penis.

Mike has reached a semi-arousal state and with that I ask him to stand up to continue. It is while standing up that I can really appreciate the magnitude and weight of his scrotum. It is obvious why Mike wears loose fitting boxers to allow himself ample room for movement. After a series of coughs, I direct him to return to the exam table.

Kneeling on the exam table, I coaxed him into the proper positioning before prepping a thermometer for insertion. It requires to a two handed approach, to first locate Mike's anus with my finger tip as my other hand helps to part open his buttocks to allow insertion of the thermometer. The prostate examination was a similar experience as it took some maneuvering to get my finger inside him and to move past his sphincter.

It was at Mike's previous exams that he first encountered a prostate examination and for today's visit, I explained that it would require a more prolonged prostate massage and that I would require some additional assistance from him.

My first finger insertion was easier as I used the trail of lubricant left from the thermometer to help guide my insertion. I pushed my finger inward and quickly moved the finger tip to tap onto his prostate, securing a confirmation that I had located it and then he felt a sexual twinge with that contact. I began a series of subtle movements, each with increasing pressure which was designed to continue the sexual arousal process. I encouraged Mike to rotate his body onto my finger in such a way that he found sexually arousing as I knew this would help to release some pre-seminal fluids.

The rustling of the paper on the exam table, the movement of his buttocks from side to side and back and forth, signaled to me that he understood what level of commitment that I needed and that he was indeed feeling a bit of arousal.

As the force of movement increased on just that solitary finger, I withdrew and re-lubricated, approached him again and this time inserted a second finger. After a suitable period of adjustment, he continued the rotation on my fingers but with a bit more difficulty so I thought it best to reposition him.

Turning him around once again, I pulled on the exam table stirrups and then directed to him assume the position with his heels resting on the device and legs spread widely open. I continued the massage or assault, if you will on his prostate as I inserted my fingers again into his rectum as I masturbated him.

I was achieving my desired effect as Mike was definitely getting more and more aroused. (The patient...not me). I elected to change positions for I believed that to achieve ejaculation, Mike might wish to masturbate himself. So I knelt in front of the exam table and continued the prostate massage in this position. I was rewarded a few moments later as Mike erupted and deposited a large amount of ejaculate into the petri dish…”

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