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Please join me in welcoming a new friend here to the Gay Massage Videos Blog, who is Kenny P.  He is also the author of the following feature article, Unwanted Medical Strip.  In his article, Kenny reports a true story, where he took what appeared to be a rather routine pre-employment physical exam, but things took an interesting turn when he and the dozen other men taking the exams were all told to strip down to their underwear and proceed to be examined for a complete physical exam, as a group!  Check out his story, which appears below.    E.R.


      Unwanted Medical Strip – by Kenny P.

A few years back, when I was sent for a pre-employment physical, I encountered a very unusual incident.  When I arrived, I was sent to the medical department, told to fill out some medical history forms, along with 10 or 12 other guys. When we all finished the forms, we were escorted, as a group, to another room, a little larger with folding chairs lining two walls.


As we were getting ready to take a seat, a medical assistant came in and told us we needed to undress to our underwear and socks. Most of us turned and looked at the other guys, totally unprepared for a complete exam. As soon as the assistant told us this, one of the guys in our group stepped forward, and told the assistant that he had been on a medical leave, and that his doctor had given him permission to return to his job here at the plant. He said since his doctor had given him the okay, he didn't see why he would need another physical.


Unfortunately, for this guy, company policy, according to the assistant, was that anyone returning from sick leave had to be approved by a company doctor, not just his personal physician. Anyway, this guy starts to throw a tantrum, saying how ridiculous that was, and he was refusing to submit to a complete physical with the new guys, since he had worked in the plant for several years.


At this point, most of us were trying to understand why this guy was making such an issue of this, and the more he was resisting, the more attention he was getting from the new hires.


Then the company doctor came from behind a curtained-off section of the room, and wanted to know what the commotion was. The assistant told him, and, unlike the nurse, told the man in no uncertain terms that he could either submit to the exam, or forget about going back to work.


Unable to think of any valid reason why he shouldn't submit, the man finally started to undress slowly. And, to his embarrassment, ALL eyes were now focused on him, everyone wondering if this man was through being defiant. The man obviously looked defeated, but the rest of us knew the doctor was not going to be treating him with kid gloves, after the drama he laid on the medical staff.


Now, as everyone watched with baited breath, we saw the doctor come back into the room, motioning to the returning employee to step up to him, so he could check his paperwork. The man seemed a little suspicious of the doctor's motives, wondering why he was called up first. It wasn't until later that we figured out what the doctor's strategy was.


I was beginning to suspect that the doctor was going to make this man sorry he made such a scene. And he wanted to make sure that every other potential employee would witness the embarrassment.


Against one of the walls of the room there was an exam table. You could tell the paper covering the table, which was coming off a roll at the end of the table, had been freshly installed, signifying that this group of guys was the first for the day. Looking at the belligerent guy, you could see that most of bravado was gone. He was now looking like a little lost boy, who didn't know what was coming next.


The doctor had him sit up on the exam table, checked his blood pressure, lungs, heart, eyes and ears. Then he did the usual knee-jerk test with the hammer. The doctor then told him that he was going to have to be a bit more thorough with him than the other guys, because he was on sick leave with stomach problems. So he then told him to lie down on the table. He palpated and per cussed his chest and abdomen, pushing his underwear down a bit so that he could feel all the way to the pubic region.


You could see the guy's face getting redder, as he tried to avoid any sort of eye contact with the rest of us. Then the doctor explains to him that a rectal exam is not usually a part of the pre-employment physical, but since the man had been having stomach problems, he was going to have to do one on him.


Everyone had now pretty much figured out that this man was being singled out to be humiliated in front of the guys he was trying to be superior to. The doctor told him he would need to remove his "underpants". Strangely, most men are embarrassed when a doctor calls his underwear "underpants". The guy was visibly shaken, and for a moment looked as though he might faint, especially when he saw the doctor pulling the stirrups out from the exam table.


"Alright, just sit at the edge of the exam table, lift your legs out straight, and I'll guide your feet into the stirrups." The guy literally had tears in his eyes as he got up on the table.


The doctor, very slowly rolled a stool up between the poor guy's legs, and proceeded to take a small flashlight, spread open further the guy's buttocks, which you could see were quivering at this point, and shone it onto the guy's anus, deliberately taking his time to heighten the experience for everyone, especially the patient.


After doing a very lengthy visual exam, the doctor then started to explain to the man: "Now I'm going to have to do a rectal exam on you. Have you ever had a prostate exam?"  The man was barely able to get the word out: "No." Which wasn't surprising, since he was probably only in his mid 30s.

Suspecting that the guy would probably not be very cooperative with this procedure, the assistant stepped up beside the table to make sure the guy didn't react to violently to the violation. "Okay, now I want you to just start taking some deep breaths through your mouth. You're going to feel some pressure and discomfort when I insert my finger into you."


That was an understatement. The moment the doctor started to push into the guy's butt, the guy started to squirm away from the doctor, but in the position he was in, he couldn't get too far. The doctor and the assistant tried to reassure him, and told him he needed to relax and breathe.
Then the fun began. "Take it out. I don't want this done. I want my union rep. Oh, God, stop! Oooohhhhh! "Oh, my God, I'm gonna pee! Stopppp! And then, due to a combination of nerves and a full bladder, it happened. The poor guy started to squirt urine out onto his belly. You could see he was struggling to hold it in, but the unpleasant sensations he was getting from the finger in his behind eliminated any kind of control he might have over his urinary tract. And now, he was actually crying at the thought of the total humiliation he was experiencing.


After the urine stopped flowing, the doctor slowly removed his finger, although the guy was clenching so hard, it was quite uncomfortable for him. After the finger was out, the guy just laid there and quivered, not knowing how to end this nightmare with any shred of dignity left.


The doctor and assistant helped him get his feet out of the stirrups, and then sat him up on the table. The guy didn't know where to look. He didn't want to make eye contact with the medical personnel, and he certainly didn't want to make eye contact with the dozen guys who had just witnessed him with a finger in his butt, and then the fact that he had just peed all over himself.


A few weeks later, talking to some of the other guys at the plant, I learned that he had tried to file a lawsuit against the doctor, but his lawyer informed him that everything the doctor did was medically acceptable. There was no case.


Then I heard, later, that the man quit his job, because word had gotten out around the plant about his being examined rectally, while in stirrups, and then losing control of his bladder, and peeing on himself in front of a group of other employees.


If only the guy had taken the initial cursory exam he was supposed to have.

Kenny P. 


Hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I did.  Again, thank you, Kenny, for sharing it with us here on the GMV Blog.  Hope you share more of your writings with us soon.




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